A piece that makes you lean in and take a closer look! The five stacked hymnal paper beads are assembled in a trendy triangle that is strikingly vintage with a youthful flair.


Each necklace is made to order and will include a variety of paper beads that show both words and music note. The beads shown here are representative but will not be the exact beads you will receive.


The five barrel beads will be rolled from a vintage hymnal then go through a multi-step glazing process to make them both water-resistant and durable. This process requires drying between each stage and takes up to 24 hours. Once the beads are rolled and glazed each bead is filled with hot glue to create extra durability. A layer of hot glue goes between each bead for assembly. Your nickel-free chain and eye pin complete this one of a kind hymnal necklace.


*16 inch chain with 2 inch hymnal bead dangle

*Nickel-free chain

Stacked Paper Bead Hymn Necklace

  • *Dye-free beads

    *Big impact, Lightweight Design


    Water and Your Stacked Paper Bead Hymn Necklace:

    Each paper bead goes through a process which makes it shiny and water resistant. Beads may be worn in the rain but are not waterproof so as to be worn in the shower. Beads are art and should be cared for as such.