This cuff is made of 100% recycled newspaper. Each bead is rolled by hand and glazed with two solutions to make it hard and water resistant. Black and white makes this a perfect go-with-anything piece! Newsprint is the new neutral. Accent beads are added to give a touch of color.


Each The Paper Bead Princess product is made in North Carolina by hand. Leave 1-2 weeks for the rolling, glazing and creating your jewelry.


See color photo when choosing accent beads to compliment your Newspaper Bead Cuff. Accent beads in photo do not represent actual beads used on your handmade cuff.

ReadAllOver Newspaper Bead Cuff

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  • *Stainless Steel Memory Wire

    *Dye-free beads

    *Big impact, Lightweight Design


    Water and Your ReadAllOver Newspaper Cuff:

    Each paper bead goes through a process which makes it shiny and water resistant. Beads may be worn in the rain but not waterproof so as to be worn in the shower. Beads are art and should be cared for as such.