By request! These Life Feather Earrings with their Joanna Gaines-inspired stylings were created by request for the volunteers and staff at Your Choice Pregnancy Resource Center in Rocky Mount, NC. These hard-working gals inspire. They begin each day with prayer and devotions to set their focus on Christ. They love of each client as a sister or daughter facing a crisis. I am grateful for the chance to craft these pieces and for the design inspiration.




Baby Names Books... We've all seen these books at thrift stores.


This one with its yellowing pages stands out to me because it was published just months after the landmark Roe Vs. Wade decision ended the lives of approximately 60 million children. The Aarons and Abagails to the Xanders and Zoes... the ones who could have cured Cancer or performed at piano Carnegie Hall.


It was published the year Brittney Switala was born, 1974. As a post-Roe baby, she is grateful her parents chose life.




Making a difference in society at large regarding abortion isn't easy. It takes a multifacted approach that both loves on women and works to change laws to make them favorable toward unborn children.



Each piece of jewelry in the Life Collection supports the positive choice for life... supporting both a woman who chooses to parent and advocating for life affirming policies at the federal level. $5 from each pair of handcrafted earrings or cuffs goes to Pro-Life causes.


The Paper Bead Princess has selected two Pro-Life organizations as recipients:


Your Choice Resource Center




Artist's Note:  In our modern world I don't usually think of art as "offering." Just as in so many things we seperate into "sacred" and "secular" we consider art as our fun, creative outlet. I was blown away recently reading a portion of scripture (Exodus 31) that spoke specifically of the "craftsmen" being called by God to use their abilities working with wood, stones, silver and gold for His glory. That passage was one of my inspirations that led me specifically to create this Life Collection.






Life Feather Earrings

  • Vintage Baby Names Book Paper



    *Big impact, Lightweight Design



    1.5 in. Length Teardrop

    Approximately 2 in. from top of ear wire to base of earring


    Water and Your Earrings:

    Each paper earring goes through a process which makes it shiny and water resistant. Earrings may be worn in the rain but are not waterproof so as to be worn in the shower. These earrings are art and should be cared for as such.