The Hymn Bracelet/Cuff is made of a variety of paper oval and barrel beads which have been rolled by hand and glazed for water resistance and durability. The beads come from a 1950s hymnal that has been salvaged to create something of beauty. Each bracelet is made from nickel-free Stainless Steel memory wire and includes several choices of accent beads.


Gifting Tip: When selecting as a gift if you don't know whether a person wears more silver or gold jewelry, select the color option: Mixed Metal. Mixed metal includes a variety of silver, gold and copper toned accent beads.

Hymn Cuff

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  • *Stainless Steel Memory Wire

    *Dye-free beads

    *Big impact, Lightweight Design

    *Non-toxic, environmentally friendly glaze


    Water and Your Hymn Cuff:

    Each paper bead goes through a process which makes it shiny and water resistant. Beads may be worn in the rain but not waterproof so as to be worn in the shower. Beads are art and should be cared for as such.